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Massage or Soft Tissue Therapy is the treatment and manipulation of muscles, ligaments and tendons. The aims are to help reduce aches and pains, relieve tension, help you to unwind or to recover after intense exercise. If you have suffered a specific acute injury, this should be assessed by a Physiotherapist or Doctor prior to undertaking massage.

Our massages take place in our private clinic room. We are based inside Fitness First. You are welcome to bring a towel with you, as you will have access to changing rooms and a shower. We are unable to supply towels for you to shower with. Some people like to bring a pair of headphones and their favourite music to listen to while they are having their massage. (Note however that for some types of massage around the face or neck wearing headphones may not be possible).

What we offer:

Deep Tissue Massage - Great for general aches and pains, relieving tension and to aid recovery after exercise. For the best effects we recommend 60 - 90 minutes for this massage type.

Swedish Massage - Great if you want to unwind, relieve tension and de-stress after a long day or week! This type of massage works to help improve circulation. We recommend 60 minutes for this massage type.

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